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About Us


Here at Jane & Co Fabrics we are completely passionate about all that is handmade.                                                      We are a mother and daughter team that enjoy sharing our sewing discoveries and inspiring others.

Nicola runs the office and Rebecca is the Website Guru and photographer. taking nearly all the photos for the website. Together we do everything else!  

Nicola Jane

Hi, I'm Nikki and have been sewing for more years than I care to admit. I love fabric and in particular taking a piece of it and creating something wonderful.

My first sewing machine was a present for my 19th birthday from my mum, a wonderful seamstress, who made everything from curtains to wedding dresses, every birthday and Christmas beautiful handmade gifts would be received by the family. She is my inspiration and would have loved to have been on this adventure with us. 

Since the beginning there probably isn't a project I haven't tried at least once, not always with great success I may add, including making clothes for my tango dancer friends. But the introduction to the Indie world of sewing by Beckie has been the catalyst to rekindling a love for making my own clothes. The ability to wear good quality and well-fitting clothes in designs and colours that catch my eye, and build a wardrobe that works has been so much fun. This is where Jane & Co Fabrics was born.

The highlight of wearing a MeMade is someone saying I really love your 'top' and you reply



Rebecca Jane

Hi there, I am Beckie.

The sewing machine quickly became a close companion after making a BRIGHT red velvet dress for a school disco (with help from my hugely talented Nan and Mum). I was so impressed that it was possible to take something flat and make it 3D and wearable. I then went on to make a few more garments alongside sewing smaller things like heat packs, stockings and bibs for presents. 

Over the next few years while at High School, Travelling and University, I took up knitting, crocheting and beadwork but would come back to sewing when I moved house and began my veterinary nursing career.

After having my beautiful daughter I realised my wardrobe was full of things I could no longer wear, super tight bodycon dresses and colours that were so dull and boring. It was time for a more adventurous wardrobe!

I loved the simplicity of a capsule wardrobe, where I could quickly pull an outfit together, however I didn't want to limit myself and going clothes shopping was something I dreaded. This led me on to making my own clothes and I really began to understand how to use patterns and fabrics to work together. After all, there is no greater feeling then going to your wardrobe and choosing a whole outfit that is MeMade.

 Happy Sewing!


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