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Wedding Dress "Yes I made it"

Wedding Dress "Yes I made it"

I knew from the start that I wanted to make my own dress and the bridesmaids, after an evening on Pinterest (where all prospective brides should start) I was captivated by a picture and researched the pattern it was McCalls M6953 still in publication I did the sensible thing and ordered a copy. All I had decided at this point was that it would be NAVY.

8 weeks before the wedding I took the pattern down and began, now here I must put in some kind of disclaimer about not advising you wait until just 2 months before to start but in my defence or by way of explanation, on 1st January, I embarked on weight loss, it was working slowly but I was determined and on 1st May I discovered the Keto plan and this was working much better and my goal of 2 stone was in sight, no way could I start making the dress until I had finished changing shape.......

In July I started with a toile to check shaping etc it was close enough and I would get a better fit on the final dress....


Taffeta in Navy and Orange Paisley design Lining (many hours internet hunting)


View C without the frill and fully lining the Skirt so the contrast lining would be seen


Bodice Cut a 14 grading to a 12 at the waist ( I added 5mm on the bust seams as I am a FF cup size just in case)

Skirt cut a 12

Started with the skirt, lining first. i did take in the side seams to get a better fit but only about 5mm each side.

Next I made the Bodice Lining and I made all the fit alterations on that, the extra 5mm on the bust worked just fine.

2 weeks before the day, under instructions I braved the Main Bodice and spent the weekend putting it all together. taking 2 inches off the back length of the bodice, I am short waisted. Added fish darts into the back pieces to fit closer to my body and tiny darts in the top just so it sat flat. I could have altered the pattern pieces for these but as it was very dark navy and they didn't really show.

 (View of the Back and Handsome Husband)

I joined the skirts together at the hem as I didn't want a seam on either piece, then joined the skirt and bodice of the lining followed by the main Taffeta, turning through the seam where the zipper was to go. It did take a couple of dry runs (pinning only) and a morning session but we got there.. Added the invisible zipper and a Jane & Co label..Finished with 6 days spare......

My very handsome Son escorting me down the Aisle, ( note his matching Tie made by Rebecca)


The pattern went together really well, straight forward only minor fitting alterations considering it is quite a fitted bodice.

Easy to line the skirt, just making an identical skirt in lining, just a bit of thinking needed for the joining up therefore inserting the zip last..


approx £60 including zip and thread


Absolutely I got married in the exact dress I had envisaged and proud to say

     "Yes I made this"

Nikki x

Rebecca janeandcofabrics@gmail.com

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